4411 Lacey Blvd SE
Lacey, WA 98503
Kitty Komfort Inn
Kitty Komfort Inn
Located above Kitty Klinic veterinary hospital, the Kitty Komfort Inn is the 'next best place to home' to board your cat, ferret, bird, rabbit, rodent or exotic small pet in a 'dog free' environment.

We are conveniently located just off I-5 (North or South).

Amenities include: 4'X4'X8' themed rooms with detailed painted doors, 16" tiled heated window sills, fountains with filtered water, hammock beds, low and high shelves, video viewing of an award winning Cat Sitter video, access ramp, and a bird's eye view of the great outdoors!

Pretty Kitty beaded jewelry
available in Kitty Klinic waiting area.

Dichroic glass cat pendants & more
Our facility provides access to the 2nd floor with a stair-chair for those unable to climb the stairs.

Your pet's health is very important to us. We feature individual venting of each suite, customized care to be as 'home-like' as possible, on-site veterinary care and supervision, twice daily room service, tender loving care by trained staff, grooming, massage, and extra large litter boxes.

Discounts available for long-term boarders at the rate of 1% per week (1% after 1 week, 2% after 2 weeks, etc... to a maximum 10% discount).

Kitty Komfort-Inn is a full service cat and exotic pet boarding facility. Cats, birds, rodents, ferrets, birds, rabbits, and reptiles are housed in low cost kennels to deluxe suites. Grooming, veterinary supervision, medical care and individualized care can be added. Video-viewing, playtime and daily e-mail reports are also available. Vaccines and veterinary care can be given by the adjoining Kitty Klinic.